Augmenting Engagement and Higher Order Thinking


A K-8 Charter School with teachers at varied levels of skill needs to more fully engage students, who remain under-challenged.


  • Use a recently designed rubric, called the Wellington Engagement Index (after the Wellington School in Columbus, Ohio, where it was invented) to measure levels of engagement in grades 4-8. (see blog for more information). This is a student-centered, self-administered graphing quadrant
  • Plan professional development by using results, disaggregated by course, teacher, and student
  • Visit classrooms that are stronger models of higher order thinking work in planning and delivery
  • Form critical friend, peer exchanges between exemplars and teachers who are struggling, and facilitate the feedback sessions
  • Engage parents in this work through advising on parallel support routines at home


  • This is work in progress under a two month contract. The intended outcome is
  • a more vital delivery of curriculum
  • successful use of a powerful new assessment tool
  • a more engaged student body across the grades
  • support for the Deans, who struggle to sustain this work
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